Organic Sphagnum Moss - Hermit Crab Food, Moss Pit Additive, Isopods

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Organic sphagnum moss is great for moist or dry moss pits! Can also be tucked into hiding spots for your crabs to play in. Can be used in dry moss pit with one of our dry moss pit additives.

Comes in a 3"x4" bag so you have plenty for one big moss pit or a few smaller moss pits.

All MT Pet Emporium hermit crab food is made with human grade food. And packed and mailed to you fresh! Feel free to sample their food from MT Pet Emporium, after all, it's human food! Our own pets, hermit crabs included are like family to us and only eat the best! We know your hermit crabs will love your choices of food for them!

Dehydrated food can be rehydrated by soaking in cool water and should be replaced within 24 hours. Food can also be fed dry.

Some foods may need to be introduced a few times for them to even try them. Some are like picky kids!

All products are made in a no smoking house with animals, nuts, and dairy.

MT Pet Emporium foods are made in small batches to make sure everything comes fresh to you and your crabs! Please make sure to store your food in a cool and dry place and use within a year of purchase. Under tank cabinet or an enclosed area around tank can be to hot and humid for your crab food and not make it last as long.