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Opening .75" Turbo argyrostoma Banded Hermit Crab Shell

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This listing is for one shell the opening is approximately .75".

PLEASE NOTE- The shell/shells in the picture is just an example of what you may receive. You will not receive this exact shell. Colors and shades may vary.

These are turbo shells and commonly called tapestry shells. Most Purple Pinchers prefer these shells, other species of crabs will also wear these shells. Crabs should have at least 5 extra shells in a variety of sizes per crab.

Colors and sizes vary, but the opening size will be what you choose. Some shells may have small chips on the opening. Crabs will still wear them as is.

All shells are the approximate size and have been measured. I measure by inches. So .90 is .90/1 inch

Any questions please ask before purchasing.