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Cholla Scrap Wood Pieces

Cholla Scrap Wood Pieces

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Cholla is an all-natural dead part of the Cylindropuntia cacti plant and is native to Northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States. 

It is safe for crabs and isopod both to eat and has many uses! It can be put in crab tanks and isopod bins for isopods to hide in, and both may eat it. 

You can also make your own crab toys with this cholla! Ladders, bridges, whatever you come up with, just make sure what you are using to connect the pieces is crab safe. 

Cholla is good for black water tanks, holds biofilm for shrimp to eat. Tannins will bring out the browns and golds in crabs. May turn your water colors to start with and take a bit to sink. You can boil to get it waterlogged and make it sink faster. 

Cholla is also used for crafts and air plants. 

Pieces will vary in size, shape, thickness, and length. 

We personally use this cholla in our crab tank and all our isopod bins. While not all isopods will hide in it, there is a lot of varieties that will and it gives them "standing" room while also making them think they are protected. 

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