Collection: Our Recommended Isopods for Hermit Crab Setups


These are our recommended isopods for hermit crab tanks. Some species may breed faster than others but all these will do well in a crab tank. 

Armadillidium Isopods - Most Armadillidium is steady breeders and any listed in this collection can handle the high humidity. 

Cubaris murina "Little Sea" - These cubaris bread stead and can also handle the humidy of a crab tank. 

Porcellio Isopods - All Porcellio in this section can be added to a hermit crab tank but we normally don't recommend them unless you have something else that will eat them as they can breed fast.  Porcellio isopods are not recommended to be housed with any soft-bodied animal. 

Porcellionides - These are great for a normal bioactive tank that the local resident will munch on them but we do not recommend these for hermit crab tanks unless you have other bioactive tanks or something to feed them to as they are a super fast breeding isopod. 

Thrichorina Tomentosa " Dwarf Whites" - We do not recommend dwarf whites at all for hermit crab tanks.